Inspired by anything eccentric or colorful with motion and life, the bright and captivating artistry of Pol Kurucz provides a window into a variety of themes.

A French fine artist of Hungarian descent, Kurucz now spends his days in Los Angeles primarily, with frequent jaunts to Brazil.

He draws inspiration from a more surrealist cinematic genre which is apparent by his use of bright colors and exaggerated subjects. “Things and people are not always as they seem,” he explains. “And the majority viewpoint is not always the best one.”

He says he’s mostly inspired simply by walking around and daydreaming and that his art conveys not so much of a message per se, but rather an observation of motion, vibrancy and life. Beyond the more traditional photographic avenues where his work has appeared (publications ranging from Vogue, to Marie Claire, to GQ among others), he is currently venturing into 3-D photographic and animation projects with several American celebrities currently and in the immediate future expanding his portfolio and broadening his creative horizons.

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