Frederick Anderson, a designer with a mind like no other, got to thinking what design and fashion was after a year of uncertainty, especially in light of the newest conception to the fashion world in 2021, Barney’s at Saks. I got the chance to talk with Anderson himself, and the conversation was as elaborate as his designs were. Being part of the team working on the Saks project, Anderson was filled with ideas. Anderson gave me much insight regarding his design and conception process, shedding light on the fact that he constantly has to be thinking of his consumers, as all of us have been at home and inside for the last year.

Storytelling. That was one of Anderson’s biggest takeaways regarding his creations. After a year of turmoil and ambivalence nationwide, Anderson said that one's personal life in terms of fashion no longer reflected an external life, because that part of all of our lives was taken away from us without a say in the matter. What does this mean to Anderson? Those aspects change us as people, and they change what we want to look like. The glitz and glamour that fashion once brought us was swept away as fast as you could say couture. Now, what does this mean to a creative mind and designer such as Anderson? Adaptability. Anderson noted that we still want to dress up for ourselves, but we think differently now, and so does he. Consumers want something comfortable, with a sense of familiarity, and a niche, it's what our brain is telling us, so when getting down to the process of creating a new collection, Anderson has to think like a consumer. Though thinking like a customer, he said the process of design comes from his soul, and for him, he sees his childhood and visions of Angela Davis in everything he does.  Her strength pops up in his mind, serving as a reminder that he has the ability to create, no matter what the circumstances are.

The pandemic changed all of us in so many different ways that affect almost every entity of our daily lives. For Anderson, he is at a point where he is very mellow and self realized. He noted that he is a new person, and more importantly, designer, that he was when he started. Like all of us, Anderson is ready to celebrate when the time comes, but, unlike previous works of his, he does not want to wear bright colors. The clothing that he creates will be an ode to the time of the world of the unknown, but unlike the times it represents, it will still be something that lifts his spirits.

Frederick Anderson enlightened me on his designing process, and he works six months in advance. In one of the craziest headaches of a time that was the pandemic, it created an unpredictability of design. The clothing that Anderson makes has to reflect what people are feeling internally. Being in tune with the world and market is something he has to pay very close attention to, which for Anderson, is something that is very exciting. It is a give and take process of what is going on in the world. The question that remains is how do we create and move forward from that to then have a successful creation in the future. We aren’t going to be the same person, we are going to see the world different, and with that, Anderson is going to design differently.

Looking forward to the future, Frederick Anderson is thrilled to be able to work on the frontline for the team for Barney’s at Saks. This project, and his work in general in the present is something that is a very valid moment for himself, and less about the world. When working, Anderson is thinking of things that make him feel good. He is looking forward to a year of staying inspired, and enriching his life. His biggest take away of the 2020 year of disaster was that he is ready to move upward and onward both personally and career wise, of course, with the strength of Angela Davis in his mind.