Quinzaños owns a water-bottling establishment in a country known for its dirty tap water. However, with a little help, he and his team are able to turn local rainwater into the purest form of H20, proving it’s possible to create clean drinking water almost anywhere. “The point that we want to transmit is that the city could be 100 percent sustainable if we relied on rainwater,” Quinzaños said.

Mexico City gets approximately 1,000 liters of rain per square mile per year, but most of it goes down the drain. The tap water in some areas of Mexico is so dirty that people won’t even use it to bathe their children or brush their teeth and American travelers may vividly remember drinking Mexican tap water thanks to its unpleasant after-effects. For this reason, residents and visitors often rely on bottled water, primarily sold by large corporations like PepsiCo or Coca-Cola and hauled across vast expanses, creating large carbon footprints.