This vision launched with their joint “Yolks Rebirth” exhibit at 484 Broome St. in Manhattan’s SoHo from April 11 -13.

Original works from Silva’s “Yolks” series from 2017 donned the walls of the space. “As the circle of life in 2021 brings rebirth in many ways, this work has renewed meaning right now,” Silva explains. The series brings visual interpretation to the musical compositions of Igor Stravinsky with the yolks representing rebirth which at times celebrates individualism, but can also represent community, with each yolk finding its color and size in the rhythm of the music.

Featured in the paintings are series’ of dots that symbolize, alternatively, our collective isolation or togetherness. According to the artist Pedro Silva, often times during the pandemic, we found ourselves alone living inside our screens. The singular dot paintings ‘Blue Center’ (2021) and ‘Red Center’ (2021) even representing our individual world inside the iPhone.“

The show has a bigger message, which is not so obvious,” Pedro muses, with a half lit cigarette in between his ring and pinky finger. “None of the dots touch each other. It is a reflection of the times, and our collective isolation.”

Also featured were chairs constructed of corrugated cardboard and designed by Stefan Martin. “The look is directly reflective of discarded cardboard often seen near retail shops and restaurants for recycling,” Martin says. “We’ve taken the cardboard and given it a renewed purpose as furniture.” The chairs were a collaborative effort of both Silva and Martin made sturdy by the addition of plaster and colored with paint.

Regarding the Constructivist furniture, Pedro Silva continues with the existentialist purpose of the show and compares their inclusion in the show as a rebellion against consumption."

We were walking in the street in SoHo and seeing the piles of cardboard; people were buying and buying. Amazon this, Amazon that. And there was this waste -so we decide, better to build something," Silva explains.

Silva and Martin have additional exhibits planned for the 484 Broome St. space featuring additional works, but continuing with the theme of Rebirth.

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