Exploring the Aquatic Photography of Salvo Bombara

Inspired by art and all expressions of it, Sicilian photographer, Salvo Bombara brings dream-like aura to his mastery of the underwater image.

Bombera is from the village of Milazzo on the north east coast of Sicily. As a child, he found early expression in drawing, feeling that if gave him the ability to create "living" images. As he grew older, his interests evolved, centering on a passion for music and photography.

In a sense, Bombera was blessed to live in such close proximity to the sea as his matriculation into underwater photography was not only natural, but in his words, "immersion," quite literally.

"Underwater you are immediately in another world, he explains. "Very few editing tasks are needed to get the dark and dreamy atmosphere I am looking for."

Driven by a passion for beauty, Bombara is well aware that his work evokes a wide array of emotional responses. He embraces this not only in his own work as an artist, but suggests, as well, that others can benefit from a similar understanding in all of life.

"Always and everywhere look for beauty, or alternatively go in search of something that will thrill you," he says. "Maybe it will not make your life happier, but it will certainly make it richer."