In early 2016, Jacquie Grande had an epiphany of sorts. To fully understand what it was, it's essential to track back to the various contributing factors that lead to it.

An Upstate New York native, Jacquie Grande had a lifelong love of art. It was more than a passing interest for her, however. When her family traveled, they always bought various pieces of art from a variety of international destinations. "When anyone in my family traveled, we always knew they'd be bringing back some wonderful and exciting piece of art," she explains. "Even as an adult, when I traveled for work or vacation, I always made time to seek out and purchase art."

Grande spent 25 years working in finance, but art was nonetheless a passion of hers. So much so, that when she and her husband had their house built 12 years ago, they had artists paint the walls and construct the light fixtures. Arguably, one could say they were living amongst the art.

Upon leaving the finance world, and contemplating what to do next, the deaths of a few loved ones in her family, presented Grande with an opportunity to reevaluate life and pursue a passion for art that had always been present, but not fully expressed. This was the epiphany, and the concept for an art fair in Saratoga Springs was born.

Saratoga Springs is, perhaps, best known for horse racing, and that is something in which the city takes great pride. It is also a haven for the visual and performing arts with a particular bustle of activity in August. The only thing missing was a boutique art fair. REVEAL is that art fair.

REVEAL runs from August 3-5 with a VIP preview and celebration kicking things off on August 2. The fair will feature artists from about 40 different galleries. "The support from artists and sponsors has been amazing," Grande says. "With everything happening across the artistic spectrum hers in August, there's really no better place to be."

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