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No.3 Lounge events are periodically scheduled gatherings of artists, designers, fashionistas and other industry professionals in a casual, social setting at various small venues in NYC. They represent an opportunity for creative individuals to engage in casual interactions while broadening their professional connections and exposure.

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Valeria Orlando photo by Adina Koptiev  

Valeria Orlando
photo by Adina Koptiev

It's Only the Beginning as No.3 Closes out Two Day Fashion Event

Setting the bar high with an eclectic mix of styles on Monday night, the roll out continued as Tuesday's lines hit the No.3 NYFW runway.

First up, L'Atelier Ioana Calin will likely inspire a flurry of marriage proposals with her spectacular line of wedding gowns. Next up, Bianca Popp captured a creative, independent spirit with her eye-catching collection. Topping off the evening was Spoff, with a playful and fun line up, that perfectly punctuated the atmosphere of the entire No.3 NYFW event.

No.3 NYFW might be over, but it was merely and introduction to these designers. We'll be bringing you more content on them in the coming weeks, including more detailed editorial copy, as well as one-on-one video interviews with Simon Constable, filmed during the two day event, complete with two future-of-fashion video roundtable discussions.

Stay tuned for more about them, from us.

No.3 NYFW Brings Greatness to the Runway 

photo by Adina Koptiev

photo by Adina Koptiev

No.3 NYFW Brings Greatness to the Runway on Show's First Night

By Ben Speaker
No.3 Media is very pleased with the outcome of its first night at NYFW. Judging by the applause and attendance, the scintillating clothing presented at the Lexington Avenue Armory by Rozalia Bot, Catch Michelle and Roxet Style & Fashion was well-received by the New York press and crowd. We are also well pleased by dynamic interest in the handmade jewelry of Betty James. 

The setup went surprisingly well for our first multi-designer show. Tommy Maksanty, a 6'8" charismatic former landscaper, walked for the brilliant Bianca Popp Tuesday evening.  Bianca was joined in the show by fellow Romanian designers L'Atelier Ioana Calin and Spoff. 

Attendance for the evening was enthusiastic, and the crowd appeared to enjoy itself thoroughly. Co-sponsors Industry Standard Vodka and Hint met unanticipated demand at the bar with improvised solutions that proved quite popular. The Armory was the perfect venue for No.3 NYFW.

Roxet Style & Fashion

Roxet Style & Fashion: Weaving a Dream

By Sophie Baron

An ethereal aesthetic, as if from straight out of a fairy tale, pervades through the work of Romanian fashion designer Roxana Pirvu. Born in Pitesti, which she still calls home today, in 1990, and educated with a masters in fashion from her country's national University of the Arts in Bucharest, Pirvu has used the working skills she's learned to express her individuality and unique style. 

Her Rozan collection, which will be shown at No.3 NYFW show at the Lexington Avenue Armory on September 12th and 13th, is an evocation of traditional femininity and grace, made of hand woven exquisite embroidery and prominently featuring crystals, beads, and precious stones; its exotic designs and contrasting vibrantly brilliant colors are based on gemstones from the Romanian royal crown jewels.

Betty James

Betty James: Wear Art at No.3 NYFW

Born out of a desire to bring wearable art to a broader audience, Betty James hand-crafted jewelry is sure to make a lasting impression with attendees of No.3 NYFW at the Armory on Lexington Ave. on September 12 and 13.

The pieces are created by designer Nicole Potter, who drew on her family's artistic heritage and honors her maternal grandparents, Betty and James Castellaw. She launched the brand in 2010.

Ms. Potter has an affinity for an organic and ethnic vive in her creations, which can be paired with a wide range of looks. She particularly enjoys the personal connection people make when they try on Betty James piece themselves.

Betty James will introduce the Greek Collection at No.3 NYFW with a theme of  "Wear Art." It will certainly be a "must see" collection.

For more information about Betty James, visit:

Designer Bianca Popp

Bianca Popp: Dramatic Dreams

By Ben Speaker

No.3 NYFW is delighted to introduce to the New York runway, Romanian designer Bianca Popp, who comes to us by way of Paris, where she creates her contemporary women’s wear, and the Istituto Marangoni MIlan, where she graduated in 2009. 

Her background in theater, costuming and semiotics is apparent in pieces that adapt to various situations while expressing clear wearability and flow. Her SS2017 collection, Disruptive Dreams, is inspired by a longing to live elsewhere. 

The designer's work will be shown at the No.3 NYFW event at the Lexington Avenue Armory, which takes place on September 12 and 13.


By Staley Sharples

Gauzy textures, modern sportswear shapes, and cotton-candy hues add a memorable punch to Spoff’s aesthetic. The Romanian brand, co-founded by Bucharest natives Laura Bonciu and Patricia Adascalitei, draws inspiration from the strong, masculine elements of current street-style trends and infuses them with dreamy pastels and high-gloss fabrics for a look that subverts classic feminine fashion. 


Debuting their S/S 2017 “Soft Power” collection at No.3 NYFW, the line features 27 minimalist-inspired pieces ranging from oversized bomber jackets to jumpsuits. Details such as transparent PVC, playful ruffles, and neoprene fabric create a striking contrast in Spoff’s technicolor-hued line, challenging ideas of gender-normative fashion constructs through the use of androgynous silhouettes for a new statement in feminist fashion. 


L'Atelier Ioana Calin: Marriage of Design

L’Atelier Ioana Calin: A Marriage of Design

By Cristina Slattery

Ioana Calin is a Romanian designer of wedding dresses based in Rome. She is from the city of Satu Mare, in northwestern Romania, and she has a shop there in addition to L’Atelier Ioana Calin, her base in Italy. She studied fashion design in Rome and it is a city that continues to inspire her. Calin feels like Rome has become a second home for her, but she did find it challenging to work as a designer in Rome initially.

She became inspired by the challenge of becoming a designer in Rome and loves creating wedding dresses because of the emotional value attached to them. (In fact, the first dress she created was for her own wedding nine years ago.) Calin believes that when you do things in a passionate manner, nothing seems hard. She would like Americans to become aware of the Latin style of her dresses and feels blessed by the fact that she can earn a living doing what she loves. 

Make-up Pro will Highlight the Models

It's Not Just The Fashion – How Make-up Pro will Highlight the Models

When the models hit the runway at No.3 NYFW your attention will be captured by more than just the designer fashions they will be wearing. Yes, our designers want you to see and admire their spring and summer lines, but the Make-up Pro will draw at least some of your attention to the models themselves.
Chika and Cheve Chan are the creative minds behind Make-up Pro, an official cosmetics provider for No.3 NYFW. These sisters and their team will handle makeup and hair for many of the event’s runway models with the goal of bringing out the beauty of the individuals separate from the outfits they wear. Cheve Chan describes it as “the fashion beneath the fashion,” and that seems a fitting concept indeed.
In fact, it’s the very idea of bringing out inner beauty that inspired the sisters to launch Make-up Pro as a creative avenue for women who strive for self-expression. Chika herself will be leading the team, handling the makeup portion, and Aubrey Loots will manage hair styling for the team.
Make-up Pro is NYC-based makeup studio providing a variety of beauty services and workshops, while offering its own line of premium cosmetics and accessories as well.
No.3 Media is proud to showcase Make-up Pro at its signature Fashion Week event, September 12th and 13th at the Lexington Ave. Armory. For more information about Make-up Pro visit

The Event
September 12-13, 2016
68 Lexington Ave. @25th St.
New York, NY. 10010

No.3 NYFW explores the creative minds behind the fashion world. This major Fashion Week event is a premiere showcase for emerging designers from around the globe. Designers will introduce their Spring/Summer 2017 lines on our runway and have a that all-important opportunity to network with key buyers and industry professionals in a New York City setting. The event will be streamed live on the No.3 website and on social media.

Designers will be covered in No.3 Media’s publications (newsletter, website, social media, print magazine, etc.) They will also participate in a roundtable discussion about the state of the fashion industry as well as one-on-one video interviews, with renowned broadcaster, author, journalist, and No.3 magazine Special Projects Editor, Simon Constable.

Media Outreach and dozens of fashion industry publication and media outlets are expected to cover No.3 NYFW including: ABC, NBC, CBS, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, among others.

No.3 Media
No.3 Media is a boutique multimedia and custom publishing company based in New York City. We work across print, digital, video, interactive media and cutting-edge technology. No.3 Media consists of four founding members, who combined have more than 70 years of industry experience.

For more information on No.3 NYFW, visit or e-mail us at


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Meet Simon Constable

No.3 NYFW is an amazing opportunity for a variety of fashion designers to showcase their SS2017 collections and add exposure for their brands in a New York City Setting. But this event goes a bit further than merely parading designs with models on a runway. Participating designers will gain deeper exposure in their participation in a roundtable discussion and in one-on-one interviews, both hosted by No.3 Special Projects Editor, Simon Constable.

In addition to his association with No.3 magazine, Constable is well known as an author, a seasoned broadcaster and commentator, and public speaker. While currently hosting a video segment called “Outside on the Street,” where he gleans quick economics and financial insights from various experts, he also previously served as host of the News Hub @ WSJ Live where he conducted more than 12,000 interviews. During that same span he was a regular columnist for the Wall Street Journal. For six years, he was a regular guest host for “The John Batchelor Show, where topics discussed ranged from geopolitics and foreign policy to religion and economics. To call Simon Constable a well-rounded broadcaster and journalist, would be something of an understatement.

As moderator of the designers’ roundtable and host of one-on-one interviews with at No.3 NYFW, Simon will do what he does best… get right to the heart of the matter by helping the designers tell their own stories in their own words.

Anna's Loud

No.3 NYFW Designer Spotlight: Anna’s Loud

Anna Nappi and her fashion brand Anna’s Loud bring the charm of Milan to No.3 NYFW, September 12th and 13th at the Lexington Ave. Armory.

Anna’s Loud is a prêt-à-porter line for the “determined woman;” one with a keen awareness of her femininity. The collection is 100% made in Italy and designed for youthful, cosmopolitan, professional, and thoroughly modern women across the globe. Hence her presence on the No.3 runway in New York.

More information about her SS 2017 line and about the brand is available at

Catch Michelle

No.3 NYFW Designer Spotlight: Catch Michelle

Catch Michelle, which launched in 2013, is the fashion brand of UK-based designer, Mihaela Teleaga. The brand derives its name from her rapid pursuit of her dreams (Catch) and the French translation of Mihaela (Michelle), and it more than adequately captures the essence of her designs.

Following last fall's successful Paris Fashion Week showcase of her SS 2016 line, there is little doubt that her designs will be a big hit with the New York City crowd at No.3 NYFW, September 12th and 13th at the Lexington Ave. Armory.

Fine more information about Catch Michelle brand at


Rozalia Bot

Rozalia Bot

Bringing a touch of Romania to Lexington Ave., Rozalia Bot will showcase her designs at No.3 NYFW, September 12th and 13th.

Her creations feature a unique blend of traditional motifs with a splash of the modern. Inspired by nature, she incorporates flowery embroidery, delicate fabrics, and subtle hints of Romanian flair into her designs. By her own account, her stylish lines celebrate both femininity and confidence in a fresh and inviting way.

To preview her designs, visit:

V)OR Makeup: A No.3 FW Introduction.

No.3 Media’s gorgeous runway models will wear a lot different clothes during its fashion show. But one thing will remain constant: the makeup.

V)OR Makeup is No.3’s exclusive cosmetics line courtesy of beauty team co-director, Valeria Orlando. She launched her offering in Milan, Italy after five long years of product research. The result is makeup boasting more than four times as much pigment as most commercial offerings.

In addition to cosmetics products, V)OR offers makeup and beauty coursework through V)OR Academy both in Milan and in other franchised locations throughout Europe. More information about V)OR Makeup is available on line at:

No.3 Media is proud to showcase V)OR Makeup at it’s signature Fashion Week event, September 12th and 13th at the Lexington Ave. Armory.



Simon Constable is Special Projects Editor for No.3 Magazine.

He has an extensive background in journalism, including work at The Wall Street Journal,, the New York Post, the New York Sun,Barron's and the South China Morning Post. He has also made appearances on BBC, CNN, ABC News, and Fox News and is a Former fill-in Host WABC Radio. He is noted for his expertise in the field of economics and has a knack for satire.


Warrent Satt is Creative Director for No.3 Magazine.
A longtime industry professional as well as a fashion editorial photographer in his early career, Satt’s career has been marked by versatility as well as innovation. From high-profile agency projects to award-winning automotive design, his work has been recognized internationally as a dynamic synthesis of substance and style.


Jonathan Roberts is Co-Creative Director and Casting Director for No.3 NYFW

Jonathan Roberts grew up loving photography and fashion. As a child, he would set up back drops and shoot his younger sister, family, and anything that would inspire him. His passion has grown even farther and now Roberts has over five years experience in fashion photography. When is not behind his lens, he runs fashion events and shows.


Myra Postolachethe owner of PR and brand strategy agency The Secret Code of Fashion, will help support fashion designers exhibiting at the show. Thanks to her powerful relationships with style leaders she will also help amplify the impact of the collections that they exhibit. In addition to her work in PR and strategy, she is also a fashion journalist, in charge of covering fashion trends for various fashion magazines.



Valeria Orlando will co-lead the beauty team.Her role as a make up artist and hair stylist for fashion shows, fashion editorials, and commercials led her to work with celebrities such as Donatella Versace, Alberta Ferretti, Tom Rebl, Benedetta Barzini, Andy Fumagalli, Arturo Brachetti, Lena Katina and many others. Her works have been published in fashion magazines including Zink Magazine, Elle Ukraine,VisionPoshVogueRussia, Vogue Italy, GQRussia, EspritL’OfficielMagazine, and Trend Privé Magazine.


Geta Marin, also co-leading the beauty team, is a famous hair stylist from Europe where she is the key stylist for many events including Fashion TV in Eastern Europe, Bucharest Fashion Week, Miss Romania, Miss Universe, and Next Top Model Romania. She teaches international master classes and workshops for professional hairstyle artists and she is famous for her ability to change a hair style in a just few minutes. Her communication skills with her own team are an example for many hair stylists in the world.