Betty James Wearable Art

Photos by Tony von Thalen

The runways of New York Fashion Week boasted a broad array of Spring and Summer 2017 collections ranging from formalwear to casual attire, and No.3 NYFW was no exception. Among the designs gracing the runway at No.3 Media's premiere fashion event, the jewelry collection of Betty James made a bold statement.

 On the first night of the two-day event, models highlighted the unique designs of the Betty James jewelry they wore by using a special garb -- each wore identical, nondescript apparel and light touches of body paint so the jewelry would not be overwhelmed.

 "I was pretty excited to participate in No.3 NYFW and have my jewelry presented this way," said Nicole Potter, the designer behind the Betty James brand. "My theme is 'Wear Art," and that's really what it is."

 Potter founded Betty James six years ago in Dallas, paying homage to her grandparents Betty and James Castellaw. Originally, the line was a few hand made items sold at small local venues, the brand has blossomed into full lines in larger production, though Potter's personal touch remains throughout her offerings.

One element of her jewelry that Potter emphasizes is that, while each piece is wearable art, it is nonetheless ultimately a personal statement of the wearer more than the designer. "Of course these pieces mean something to me as the designer, but when you buy them, what's important is what they mean to you."

Of course, there's more to Betty James jewelry beyond participation in No.3 NYFW. No.3 Media will continue coverage of Potter's artistic creations in the weeks and months ahead. In the meantime, more information on Betty James can be found on line at