No.3 Lounge at LUMAS

Last Saturday’s No.3 Lounge event at LUMAS Gallery in NYC’s Meatpacking District took a unique approach to such gatherings. The focus was a live fashion/artistic photo shoot by Frank Withers where those in attendance could interact with the models, the photographer and the entire production team all while enjoying wine, cheese and Hiro sake, with a melodic soundtrack from DJ Brad Wahlquist.

This event, was conceived under the creative direction of Anna Khachatryan and orchestrated by a talented production team. Here are some reflections from a few key members of that team.

“I would call it positive chaos,” said Frank Withers, the photographer of the actual shoot. “I mean that is the best possible way. It was spontaneous, eccentric chaos. The interaction [by the attendees] with the models was cool as was the DJ. There were a lot of creative elements in the mix that made the event really unique.”

“Everyone on the team was so creative, and the whole event was wonderful,” said Paige Texas, who provided hair and makeup for the models. “Working with Anna was amazing because she’s just so creative. I really felt like I could be creative too in what I was doing because everyone was so open and so great to work with.”

Payton Holbrook also worked on the models’ hair. “The artistic concept behind the event was wonderful,” he recalled. “I loved the interactive element, and the people who attended seemed to really enjoy it too. I’m looking forward to helping No.3 with future events like this.”

“I didn’t quite know what to expect. I’d never seen a photo shoot done in a setting like this,” videographer, Shawn Boone, Jr. observed. “I was impressed with how well it went and how the people responded. Even if some of them just came for the wine, then ultimately enjoyed the uniqueness and atmosphere of the event.”

No.3 Lounge Team Credits:

Anna Khachatryan – Creative Director

Frank Withers - Photographer

Payton Holbrook - Hair

Paige Texas – MUA & Hair

Christian Hooker – Artist & Body Painter

Annette Bragas – MUA 

Shawn Boone Jr.  – Videographer

Dentz Le Magicien – Videographer



Masha Fomitchova

Caitlan Sinclair

Tony Alyssa Griffiths 


Luna Chegi

Irina Gubernatorova

Location: LUMAS (New York)