Karim Rashid: Prolific and Versatile

By David Grasso

Typically, even a well-known artist is famous for a specific scope of work. That couldn’t be further from the truth for Karim Rashid, who’s been called the most famous industrial designer in America.

The prolific and versatile artist has influenced an entire generation of design with his signature work. Beyond his award-winning art that’s housed in prestigious museums around the globe, his work includes many unique creations that traverse every aspect of life.

Rashid’s talents have been put to use in the creation of a wide range of everyday items including electronic devices, furniture, and innumerable consumer products that many of us have in our homes. His artistic range also extends to the design of entire physical spaces, including restaurants, retail and public areas.

The eclectic designer, who famously often dons pink and white monochromatic outfits, has produced an astounding volume of work during the past two decades. Rashid has more than 4000 designs in production, collected about 300 awards, and done business in more than 40 countries. Karim’s latest monograph, XX features 400 pages of work selected from the last 20 years

Rashid’s design frontier appears to be non-existent, as his creativity finds outlets in as many ways as one could imagine. Harnessing “the modus of our time,” his designs surface in innumerable creations that enrich the human existence. Even someone living thousands of miles away from artistic hubs like New York would recognize his work. His artistic watermarks are seemingly omnipresent, ranging from disposable soap dispensers sold at big box stores to ordinary folks to exquisite high-end couture for the upper echelons of society.

Rashid’s artistic dynamism has brought design to wider audiences, making it more accessible to the common consumer. He believes that design in the not-so-distant past was confined to an insular elite, and he’s worked hard to change that reality. His wide reach helped him in.