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Born in Santiago, Cuba to an Italian father and Spanish mother, Roberto Monticello brings a wealth of personal and professional depth to RUNWAY NEW YORK, for which he is both writer and director.

His uncle lived in New York, and Roberto fell in love with the city during his family's frequent visits and decided to stay. He's been a mainstay in the Meatpacking District dating back to when it was known as "The Wild West," due to rampant crime and general blight. 

Today, the neighborhood is thriving as a center for style, nightlife and fashion, and Roberto Monticello is in the middle of it all, affectionately known to the locals as the "Mayor of Meatpacking."

He is, above all else, a filmmaker, starting as a playwright, and evolving into screen writing, re-working a number of his original plays for screen adaptation. His credits include 29 films in 11 countries. His film work has also garnered him seven awards.

He is currently working on a documentary called, Children of the Night which draws attention to the issue of human trafficking. To date, this project has been responsible for more than 126 rescued children, and is ongoing. Thus, the hope is that more rescues will come moving forward.

In addition, he is producing a docu-drama about immigration called Home, which is slated to wrap up this summer. This project is particularly close to his heart, as he, himself is an immigrant from Cuba.

He developed the concept for RUNWAY NEW YORK given his close ties to the modeling and fashion industries. His own daughter is a former model herself. He wanted to tell a true-to-life story of a model breaking into the fashion world in a way that had never been done before... as a scripted drama and ongoing TV series. He acknowledges, that there have been a few films and television programs about the fashion/modeling business, but they have been largely general industry depictions or reality TV. A scripted drama like RUNWAY NEW YORK has not been done before.

Given Roberto's perspective and direction, RUNWAY NEW YORK is poised to be a highly-acclaimed production for No.3 Media, LLC.