Industry City Distillery, a Brooklyn Establishment

With an emphasis on science and design, the latest business venture by The City Foundry group has created a one-of-a-kind vodka, Industry Standard, from their facility at the Industry City Distillery in Brooklyn.

Their approach to creating a new level of spirit from what most would think was a science lab by appearance, has earned this vodka a place above top shelf varieties like Grey Goose. Another distinction of this distillery is that all of the equipment used was developed in Brooklyn and all but the beet sugar is grown there as well. This includes the French sugar beet yeast that is grown in-house. 

By creating a new way to distill spirits and growing their own yeast, the creators of this top-of-the-line vodka have full control over their product. The only thing trucked in is the tones of sugar made from domestically grown sugar beets. 

During the distillation process, only the best parts are kept while the beginning and end solutions are discarded. This removes the unwanted taste of impurities and allows for the purity and quality of this spirit to shine through. After the pure spirit is completed, floral and fruity flavors are added so just a hint of their existence in the blend is detectable. To help accent this combination, vanilla and spices are thrown in to truly give this vodka a unique taste all to itself. 

With vodka, the more times it is distilled, the higher the purity level as the unwanted aspects in the process decrease. That is how this vodka is 96.5% alcohol (191.2 proof) without any unwanted preservatives at the completion of the distillation process. It is impossible to create a purer alcohol without adding stabilizers. It is then mixed by hand with the hint of flavors before being diluted to the 80 proof that is ultimately bottled and sold in local establishments and online. This blending by a real human and not a machine is one of the many procedures utilized by this distillery to make sure their creation is the very best. 

Before any batch is bottled and sent out, it is thoroughly tested by taking 30 separate selections after each distilment of the batch and testing them for purity as well as for taste through the services of taste experts. To date, there have only been 27 batches created by this new scientifically-driven distillery over the past couple of years. 

Industry Standard is a New York original, made by New Yorkers for New Yorkers and for the rest of the world to enjoy when they demand the very best in pure spirits.