Hercules Beard Co.

By Jack Raplee

For a lot of men, skincare and grooming is something of an afterthought. It’s not uncommon for men to take the most simplistic approach when it comes to appearance. When hair gets too long, they get a haircut; when a beard gets long, they either trim it or shave it off all together… simple. To that end, most grooming products are marketed to men who don’t give much thought to what it is that they put on their skin or in their hair. In contrast with the much larger market for women’s products, where a larger emphasis is placed on natural ingredients for healthier skin and hair, men’s grooming products are rife with chemical additives that can ultimately do more harm than good.

Recognizing this, Maria Mavromatis launched Hercules Beard Co. in October of last year following two years of research and development. The company offers an ever-expanding line of men’s grooming products that are 100 percent chemical-free.

“There really aren’t grooming products like this for men in the market,” she explains. Drawing on her upbringing with a father who was a hairstylist and a mother who was a manicurist along with other family in the grooming business, she observed the pervasive chemical element, particularly in men’s products. Combine this with her own desire to pay closer attention to a cleaner, more natural approach to all aspects of life, she set out to develop her own hair and skincare products, and the seeds of Hercules Beard Co. began to grow.

Mavromatis is a designer with a fine arts degree, which also played a role in making Hercules Beard Co. a reality. A creative spirit with an appreciation for the aesthetic, combined with a family heritage in personal grooming made this endeavor natural in the truest sense of the word, both as it relates to her and to the products she markets.

Hercules Beard Co. currently offers eight items in its product line ranging from soaps and shampoos to mustache sculpting wax and balms and even mustache and beard brushes. Newer items are also currently in development.

For more information about Hercules Beard Co., visit: www.herculesbeardco.com