Dusty Diamonds Creative Design Fair

Please enjoy No.3 Media's Dusty Diamonds Creative Design Fair in August in New York City. The Dusty Diamonds Collective provides a platform for independent artists and designers to showcase their work in uniquely beautiful spaces.

“I love the concept of working with independent designers and local artists to expose their work so that they can make a living doing what they love,” said Oliver Evans, founder of the Dusty Diamonds Collective. “This is a community-conscious enterprise that runs true to my motif that ‘we rise by lifting others,’” he added.

These live-events encourage connectivity and community by accessing artistically historic spaces throughout Manhattan.

The design fair ran for three days later in August and allow patrons to try on items fueled by fine-art, live music and performance, food and drink. “I feel offline is the new online,” said Evans when asked about the importance of collaboration: a basis for Dusty Diamonds and Burning Man culture. “In today’s isolated world of passive living, people are craving a greater sense of community and connection.”

Evans aims to build a like-minded, socially conscious community of influencers through these initiatives, curating “collaborative workspaces and holistic living location in key cities around the world.” Dusty Diamonds is an event that will hopefully spur creativity and collaboration in all those who walk through the door, even if they never go to Burning Man or wear a headdress.

This is an invitation to share space and creative energy with those who prioritize genuine interaction based on building global awareness; of discovering ways we can all help each other to grow and maximize our enthusiasm for collaboration. So please come experience the craftsmanship of those who fully incorporate passions (often realized at Burning Man) into their daily lives year-round.