Miami’s Vagabond Hotel Pays Homage to the Charm of a Bygone Era

by Jack Raplee

When people think of Miami today, they envision luxurious modern hotels and high-rise condominiums, vast stretches of beach and palm trees all with an occasional flamingo sighting. While, that may be a generally accurate picture, it’s nonetheless one that fails to reflect the city’s history as a much sought after oasis for people across the United States. >>READ MORE

Karim Rashid: Prolific and Versatile

by David Grasso

Typically, even a well-known artist is famous for a specific scope of work. That couldn’t be further from the truth for Karim Rashid, who’s been called the most famous industrial designer in America.

The prolific and versatile artist has influenced an entire generation of design with his signature work. Beyond his award-winning art that’s housed in prestigious museums around the globe, his work includes many unique creations that traverse every aspect of life.

Rashid’s talents have been put to use in the creation of a wide range of everyday items including electronic devices, furniture, and innumerable consumer products that many of us have in our homes. His artistic range also extends to the design of entire physical spaces, including restaurants, retail and public areas. >>READ ON

Into the Woods with Frank Lloyd Wright

 by Julia Smith-Eppsteiner

Into the Woods with Frank Lloyd Wright

Flowers and trees are budding and so are the rhododendrons of famed Fallingwater, blooming pink and white. Are hash tags and LinkedIn updates clouding your mind lately? Let Frank Lloyd Wright bring you back down to earth. Let the stream leave you with peace of mind. And perhaps embrace the thigh-burner workout disguised in the beautifully suspended staircases of this remarkable edifice. READ ON>>