No.3 Media

Photo by TOMAAS

No.3 Media might be best known for its glossy magazine, but it is in fact much more than that. It revolves around a philosophy of bringing cutting edge design, fashion, art, lifestyle and travel to life far beyond the printed page. That life is injected through, video, a frequent newsletter, live events, and of course the magazine itself. Better still, it will be given further sizzle through mobile apps.

All of the key actors at No.3 Media share this vision wholeheartedly. None want to be wedded to one medium when the chance to reach a wider audience is so much greater on multiple platforms. Furthermore, all understand that a single medium has limitations and that some methods of story telling are simply superior for some stories. The content is extraordinary and the potential is limitless.

At No.3, we believe that this premium, holistic, multi-platform approach will serve us well not only in the subjects we cover but also in the increasingly competitive media market.

No.3 Team

Mark Barnard - Publisher & Founder

Jack Raplee - Senior Editor

Camden Leeds - No.3 Magazine Designer | Art Director

No.3 Europe

TOMAAS - Creative Director (Paris)