Deliberately Irreverent

Anthony Haden-Guest: journalist, art critic, soldier, amateur boxer, war correspondent, escapee from a WWII internment camp, and cartoonist.

By Simon Constable

Some people manage to fit more into their list of achievements than seems reasonable. Take, for instance, British-born Anthony Haden-Guest: journalist, art critic, soldier, amateur boxer, war correspondent, escapee from a WWII internment camp, and cartoonist. He also wrote The Last Party: Studio 54, Disco, and the Culture of the Night, and numerous other books.>>READ MORE


Anna Khachatryan's welcoming pop surreal

Friendly Disturbance

by Noah Berlatsky

Anna Khachatryan's welcoming pop surreal

Anna Khachatryan's work encapsulates a blend of fine art, pop culture, and fashion. Though she hails from Armenia, her photographs and videos are set mostly in globalized, iconic, commodified spaces, as if she's engaged in off-kilter, broken branding exercises. Her photographic series "People Toys," designed by Khachatryan  herself and photographed by her regular collaborator Sona Mongol Mkrtchyan, features three individuals in dark clothes and Mickey Mouse masks. They clamber around on playground equipment with an alley in the background. In one scene, garbage cans overflow in the distance as one Mickey stands on a jungle gym and the two others flank her, holding on, everyone's mask smiling with  adisturbing, unholy cheer.>>READ MORE


Photographer Eric Almas

Alec Monopoly, Art Provocateur, Tags TAG Heuer in Miami

by Jack Raplee

Banksy is so "yesterday's news." Alec Monopoly brings street art to a new level as the recently-named, "Art Provocateur" for TAG Heuer. The street artist, who has assumed the persona of the suave banker character from the popular board game, Monopoly, has been bringing his unique blend of NYC-inspired "graffiti" to the west coast since 2008, coinciding with the global economic downturn from which recovery has been slow.

Recognizing Monopoly's talent, Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of TAG Heuer and President of the LVMH Watch Division, brought him on as Art Provocateur for his signature style and millennial appeal. Monopoly's first installation in this new role was a 50 foot mural at the Mondrian Hotel in Miami unveiled at Art Basil in November to widespread local and celebrity acclaim. This unique installation will be on full display until November 2017, and if Alec Monopoly's "tag" works as planned, additional praise for his work should follow along with renewed and broadened recognition of the TAG Heuer brand.


The Future That Never Came

Artist David Kramer Laments The Optimism of a Bygone Era

by Simon Constable

New York-based artist David Kramer says he’s always felt like an outsider. “That’s partly to do with being dyslexic, and not doing well at school,” he says. It didn’t stop him though. He’s exhibited at the Pompidou Centre in Paris, and you’ll find his work in private collections around the world. While Andy Warhol’s Elvis and Marilyn held a mirror up to America’s obsession with celebrity, Kramer’s looks at the disconnect between the advertising industry’s promises of the fabulous-life versus the reality. READ MORE>>

Tango: The Artist Who’s Introducing the West to Therapeutic Comics

Richard Taittinger Gallery